It is a branch that has been developing in recent years. It is the correction of congenital or acquired defects in woman’s genitals.

The external sexual organ is called vulva in Latin. The area where the penis enters during sexual intercourse is called the vagina. Genital aesthetics aims to correct both vulva and vagina structures.

Vagina tightening: The vagina may lose its elasticity and expand after childbirth or with the advancement of age. For this reason, patients may express complaints such as dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse, noise coming from the vagina or dissatisfaction of their partner.

Vaginal tightening can be performed with laser or surgical methods. Laser is applied for mild narrowing. If more narrowing is needed, surgical methods are applied. During vaginal tightening, it is often necessary to narrow the vulva entrance as well. If there are tears, incisions, poorly healed wounds from previous births, these are also corrected at the same time.

Vulva-vagina whitening and rejuvenation: With the laser, pigment cells in this area are broken down and blood flow is increased. This provides a younger, brighter and lighter appearance.

Inner – small lip aesthetics: The hairless small lips on the inner side of the vulva may have asymmetry or excessive size. In this case, patients state that they have small lips with curved edges protruding from the large lips. In these patients, the small lips are reduced by shaping them appropriately. Complete reduction should be avoided. The aim is to prevent protrusion from the large lips.

Outer-large lip aesthetics: Deflation and relaxation can be seen in the large lips on the outer side of the vulva. When standing, sagging can be observed with the effect of gravity. The labia minora are reduced to prevent this sagging and to prevent looseness.

Laxity may be seen in lips of appropriate size. In these patients, volume and appropriate color can be given to large lips by using hyaluronic acid fillers or by injecting fat tissue taken from the patient’s abdominal tissue.

Genital aesthetic applications should be performed by experienced physicians with the attention of a tailor who sews tailor-made clothes. The needs and expectations of each patient are different. It is very important to determine the appropriate treatment correctly.